Venue & Registration


The symposium will take place at Teatro Ricciardi on Capua Speciosa srl – Largo Porta Napoli, 1 – 81043, Capua. Capua is a 30 min drive from Naples International Airport.

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There are several ways to get from the airport in Naples to Capua. Please click here for more information.



When attending the ICCB meeting, we suggest that you book one of the below hotels or bed and breakfasts, which are
all within walking distance from Teatro Ricciardi.

Hotel Capys

Palazzo Lanza

Tenuta San Domenico


The city of Capua is situated in the region of Campania, Italy, 25 km north of Naples. Capua has a rich history stemming back from the year 841. In year 312BC, the city was directly connected with Rome by the Via Appia, the most important military connecting road in Italy. Capua has been important throughout history and particularly from the Roman Empire all the way up to WW2, with its strategically important geographical situation with the river facing north towards Rome and a massive stronghold facing south towards Naples.

It should also be mentioned that the local gladiator school at amphitheatre Santa Maria Capua Vetere, which is the second largest amphitheatre in the Roman empire, is where the famous gladiator Spartacus was trained. Spartacus was one of the slave leaders in the Third Servile War and the mastermind behind the major slave uprising against the roman Republic.