• Sophion Bioscience A/S, based in Denmark, was founded in the year 2000 by a group of passionate electrophysiologists, with the shared purpose of making patch clamping objective and independent of user skills to provide faster, more accurate and precise patch clamping results. With our products QPatch, Qube and QPatch Compact, we cover all throughput needs, and provide the user with real whole-cell patch clamp data based on true gigaseals. With our technical, biological and application support we help our partners to achieve their targets and ensure uncompromised data quality in a user-friendly environment from assay setup to data analysis. Apart from working in the field of automated patch clamping and ion channels, Sophion has also organised several non-profit ion channel meetings – Ion Channel Modulation Symposium (ICMS® ) – both in the United Kingdom and in America. These symposia have become highly acclaimed due to the high quality of the scientific content.
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    Dr. Saverio Gentile is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cell & Molecular Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics at the Medical University of South Carolina. He is interested in understanding the role of ion channels in cancer biology. Dr. Gentile’s group has brought to light several important functions regarding potassium channels activity that control a variety of cancer hallmarks including proliferation, metastasis and metabolism. This research has also revealed that potassium channels can be pharmacologically targeted to develop a safe and efficient therapeutic strategy against currently untreatable breast or ovarian cancers. Dr. Gentile is a native Capuan.

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